The Irish Experience

The Irish Experience at O'Connors Traditional Pub

O’Connors Traditional Pub offers a real authentic Irish Experience. With an atmosphere so focused on the Irish culture, it is the perfect spot to come and experience all that Killarney has to offer. The Irish Experience includes Whiskey, Beer and Gin tasting nights, Pull your Own Pint of Guinness and Live music.

Whiskey Tasting Nights

Join us for an evening of Irish Whiskey Tasting. Experience a range of flavours from Dingle Single Malt, West Cork Black Cast and West Cork 10-year-old.

Beer Tasting

Enjoy an evening of Beer tasting with a glass of each; Murphy’s Irish Stout, Cute Hoor IPA and Murphy Red

Tapas & Tasting

Our tasting nights cater for parties upstairs at The Loft and includes Dingle Gin, Beara Ocean Pink Gin. Tastings of each served with tonic and garnishes

Pull Your Own Pint

Experience the art of pulling the perfect pint of Guinness at O’Connors Traditional Pub and receive a personalised memento of your pint pulling experience. Our reputation for creamy Guinness surpasses every expection possible when that first drop hits your lips.


We offer this experience in two options:


If you would like to experience this authentic Irish experience simply ask the bar person you would like to experience the art of Pulling a Pint of Guinness and we shall accommodate you where possible, although it can be extremely busy at times, we’ll try our best.


Group Booing

Group of 5 or more are required to pre-book this authentic Irish experience through the online booking method. Once your booking is confirmed you group will be ready to experience the art of pulling your own pint of Guinness. The group will learn the best techniques and history of how to pull a good pint of Guinness.


With your approval, we will upload the momentous moment on our social media channels so you will have a memory to last you a lifetime.